An anchor store

designed to keep

shoppers coming back

The face of “brick and mortar” retail is changing. For a conventional retail destination to survive, let alone thrive, it's not enough to be situated at a great location. But it must share its location with a property that’s capable of not just bringing shoppers but also bringing them back.

Real Estate experts call this an “anchor store.” Here at Brook Haven, we call it Aisle One.

Simply put, Aisle One is being designed as a new breed of kosher supermarket. The experience will Bisyata Dishmaya be a highly curated yet affordable one. With both selection and staff focused on elevating expectations and evolving them. From staple items like meats, fish, take-out and baked goods to exciting new categories and trends. Add to that an unprecedented level of accessibility, convenience, and value and it’s easy to understand why local communities “wish we were opening yesterday.”