Building Brook Haven

Years of planning. An undying focus to
redefine the retail experience. A continuous
search to question the status quo. The result?
A magnificent hub in the heart of North Jersey.

Five years ago, the developers had a
dream to change the landscape of Kosher
shopping. Together with market analysts,
architects, engineers, retail consultants,
and real estate experts, with Hashem’s
help, the dream is now reality.


The unparalleled level of an “all inclusive” shopping experience has been part of Brook Haven’s DNA since its inception. With a curated selection of shops and restaurants, Brook Haven is the destination of family shopping and dining. Couples, friends and children will all enjoy the Brook Haven experience.



Our central location redefines the concept of “easy walking distance” for the local community. For our retail partners this translates to the kind of consistent traffic that’s usually associated with more urban areas like Boro Park, Flatbush, Monsey and Lakewood. We are located in and only a few miles away from some of the largest Jewish communities.



The game-changing Brook Haven experience begins before you even walk through the doors of the mall. Our on-site, multi-level parking is designed for fast, easy access and optimal traffic flow - even during the busiest of times. It’s convenience that sets the tone for the entire Brook Haven mall.

Visit us

217 Brook Ave.
Passaic, NJ 07055